"Capture the Moment to Visualize the Memory"

I began my photography career in 2013 as a portrait photographer. My clients have always immediately been like family to me. I cherish every relationship and strive to create a story for them through my photography. I love capturing life "as it happens"... aka "Lifestyle" photography and thus being creative and artsy with each session. I have a love for composite work. I call them "Imagination Sessions". Children of all ages can do these sessions. It is where we create a custom art piece featuring you as your ideal character, or profession, or surrounded by your favorite landscape or skyline. We put you in the "storybook" you create. If you have an idea we soar with it! If you want to be an astronaut, we create the digital illustration. We can "put" you in any landscape you desire! This type of work brought me to the love of landscape photography.

There is nothing in the world that brings more joy than being surrounded by nature. The beauty and serenity speaks to my heart and soul in ways I cannot verbally explain. Therefore, I use my camera to speak for me. When I go out for a shoot, I focus first on places that make me “stop the car”. Places with overall beauty. Once I take in the whole scene, I then refocus on what really draws my eye. Whether it be an animal grazing for survival in an open field, a single tree that stands out because of it’s branch configuration, or a cluster of leaves on a rock redirecting the flow of a waterfall... The intimate detail that creates the overall beauty. There is so much more to an image than just what you first see. Take a deeper look. Let the piece speak to you. This will begin your relationship with it that will be worth “a thousand words”. Whatever makes something/someone unique, I want to showcase it. That brings me to my love of portfolio head shots. 

I absolutely love helping aspiring models/actors with their portfolio head shots. This allows us BOTH to work on creativity to make you stand out from the rest. Your head shots should be as unique as YOU are! 

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the Georgia Professional Photographer's Association (GPPA). In 2013 I received an Honorable Mention award from the Sigma "Best of Photography 2013" competition and had the image published in their yearly "Best of Photography" book series. In 2016, I received an Honorable Mention ribbon from the Augusta Photo Festival for my print "NYC Lights". I received a certificate for "First Place" and "Grand Prize" for my image entered in the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park print competition. In 2017, I had two images earn Merits in the IPC (International Print Competition) with the PPA.

I "Give Back" to the community as often as I can. This has included taking portraits for the residents of Maxwell House, volunteering for Wesley UMC in Evans, GA, donating art pieces over the years for the Atlanta based Annual Gala for "Rescuing Hope", a non-profit organization empowering the fight against sex-trafficking. I am also the Official Event Photographer for The Azalea House, a charitable themed hospitality house during our local PGA golf tournament. Giving back is what I love to do. The people I work with through volunteering are always so inspirational and I just thrive from being a part of it all.

Feel free to contact me for booking availability and/or commissioned artwork. Thank you for your interest, support, and business. I look forward to working with you!

Addie Strozier

[email protected] / 706-726-5739